Bulk Licensing & Source Code


Bulk Licensing & Source Code Options

RapidSketch for Windows is our most popular Version and copies can be purchased for individual users on our website. For larger organizations we offer many different options for RapidSketch to reach your entire user base:


  • Bulk Licensing – If you prefer to just offer the standard RapidSketch application but have more than 10 users, contact our support team for bulk licensing options.
  • Web Licensing – if you need RapidSketch as part of your existing Website, licensing is available for the Web/Lite component. This component will allow you to embed RapidSketch into your existing website and have full control over the Sketches that are created. Website Licensing is done per site and comes with some RapidSketch Developer Support to get you started.
  • RapidSketch offers source code options for the team looking to expand or more deeply integrate into the RapidSketch platform. With the source code purchase, you will receive full source code for the RapidSketch core components along with some time with our dev team to help you navigate it. This option is ideal for larger companies that way to modify or extend the way the application works or integrates. Source code options also offered the most flexible terms as far as usage, allowing you to extend your platform to a very large users base.
  • Embedded Windows Components – If your software runs on Windows, we offer the RapidSketch as a component that you can place directly into your application. Just put the SketchPad anywhere you want on a window and tie in a few events and you will have RapidSketch functionality with minimal programming. The Embedded SDK offers links to the powerful functions of RapidSketch and allows you the ultimate control of what the user can and cannot do.
  • RapidSketch Pop-Up SDK – The Pop-Up SDK offers integration with almost any type of windows application with almost no programming. Users simply install a copy of RapidSketch and your software links to our “pop-up” component. When you want the user to draw a sketch simply tell the integration to “pop-up” and RapidSketch will launch. When the user is done, the sketch is sent back to your system using the SDK. The SDK uses standard Windows communication to send data back and forth, so this is the ideal solution for almost any programming language.

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