upgrade to RapidSketch 3.0

Update to rapidsketch 3.0

Registered users of earlier versions of RapidSketch can update to RapidSketch 3.0 at no additional charge. Click the link below to update your copy…


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For a short list of what’s new in 3.0, Keep reading


New Properties Window

Quickly configure the areas without the need to open separate windows. Simply select the area and edit its most used properties including name, multiplier, and living area classification. For more advanced properties click the “Advanced” button and you will be able to configure everything else.

Enhanced AutoComplete

Autocomplete has been enhanced to divide up your area the way you expect.
No more overlapping areas.

Keyboard additions

The tablet-friendly keyboard has been updated to include a “Rotate” and “Control” (CTRL) buttons allowing you to multi-select when in Tablet mode.

Enhanced Rotation for multiple objects

You can now rotate multiple objects around a common center.

RapidSketch now supports adding SVG Images

RapidSketch now allows the use of SVG images into sketches. If you already have SVG files then can be used as is. If not you can find free SVG files on the internet to create your own library.

Simple click the SVG button and pick a file to insert:

Add an existing sketch directly into another sketch

Using the Insert Sketch button, you can insert one sketch into another sketch. This is usefully if you have a commonly used template such as a model home or standard sized building.

Save As PDF

RapidSketch now supports being saved as a PDF file.
To use this feature, go to File >> Save Image and select PDF.

Horizontal / Vertical Flip Buttons

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