How long is the free trial for and what is included?

The 15-day free trial that is included with your download of RapidSketch gives you full access to all features and functionality RapidSketch has to offer. The download of the 15-day trial is completely free and doesn’t require any billing information from you. At any point, you can choose to stop your trial by uninstalling RapidSketch.

Does RapidSketch work with my specific appraisal forms software?

RapidSketch is fully integrated with the following software:

Integration provides the benefit of automatically transferring your area calculations, images and save file information. If you have any additional questions about integration please contact our sales department at 888.884.5268 option 2.

Many of the other forms packages on the market support copy and paste of sketches into their software. To test this, create a sketch in RapidSketch, go to the file menu and click “Copy Sketch to Clipboard”. Next, in your forms software where it requires a sketch, click the edit menu then click “Paste” or you can use your keyboard and hit “cntrl v”.

We are constantly working with new vendors to integrate with their product. Check with your forms vendor often.

What styles of drawing with the mouse does RapidSketch support?

RapidSketch currently supports 2 types of mouse drawing (“Click/Click”, and “Click/Hold/Drag”) as well as industry standard keyboard drawing.

In “Click/Click” mode, you start a line by click once with the left mouse button, draw the line to the desired length and angle, and click once again to finish. When that line is finished, the program will automatically start drawing another line from the last endpoint. If you ever want to cancel drawing a line while it is in draw mode, right-click the mouse or hit the escape key.

In “Click/Hold/Drag” mode, you start by clicking and holding the left mouse button as you draw and dragging the line to the desired length and angle. When the line is finished, the program will not automatically start a new line, allowing you to draw the next line wherever you wish. If you ever want to cancel drawing a line while it is in draw mode, right-click the mouse or hit the escape key. The “Click/Hold/Drag” method of drawing is how we recommend using RapidSketch.

Does RapidSketch support keyboard drawing?

Yes! RapidSketch supports common industry standard keyboard drawing. To start keyboard drawing place your mouse over the sketch where you would like to start, press the “enter key” type in a distance (ex:25), then hit the directional key of the direction you want the line to go. Press enter again to place the line. Details and a tutorial are available in both our getting started and help guides.

How do I “clone” or copy an area or object?

RapidSketch takes a new approach on “cloning” or copying areas and objects such as text and lines.

Instead of having specific buttons or keyboard command that can be difficult to remember, RapidSketch supports Windows standard copy and paste of any item. This means that in order to copy text, areas, and lines you need only to select it using the Grab (pointer) tool and use windows copy and paste (Edit
menu “Copy” & “Paste” or Shortcut: “cntrl c” “cntrl v”).

How do I draw an arc?

There are two methods of drawing arcs in RapidSketch. The primary method for arcing any line is to use the grab tool to grab the blue center point dot and drag the arc in the direction you would like. While dragging, the height from chord and perimeter of the arc will be displayed. The second method for arcing lines happens while the user is drawing a line either with the keyboard or mouse. When the line is being drawn, before it is placed you can use the mouse scroll wheel to arc the line, also the keyboard + – signs will arc the line in either direction.

How do I move an area, point or label?

In order to move any object in RapidSketch including lines, labels and areas, switch to the grab (pointer) tool, then left click and hold and drag the item where you would like it to be. To select multiple items to move, use the grab (pointer) tool and left click and hold over a blank part of the sketch near the items you want to move, this will drag a rectangular box on the screen which you should have covering any items you want selected. After the items are covered by the rectangular box, release the left mouse button and these items will be selected. Another method of selecting multiple items is to hold the cntrl key” while clicking each one. At this point your items are selected and you merely need to click and hold on one of the selected items and drag.

How do I draw interior lines?

In order to draw interior or free-form lines on your sketch, click the small down arrow on the toolbar next to the wall tool. Once the drop-down appears select interior.

If I purchase online how long will it take to get my serial number?

If you purchase your copy through the RapidSketch online purchase page, your serial number will be displayed and emailed to you immediately.

We no longer allow CDs as an option.

Where can I get a RapidSketch manual?

You can download the User Manual Here. We are currently in the process of updating this to include 3.0 features. Please check back for updates.

Can I use my serial number on more than 1 computer?

No. According to the license agreement for RapidSketch each machine must have its own serial number.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee for up to 90 days after your purchase.

Why don’t you charge for Training or Tech support?

Because we stand behind RapidSketch!

Training – We don’t charge for training because most people don’t need it. Furthermore, anyone who does want training should not be discouraged by a hefty fee from calling in. RapidSketch is very intuitive and simple, yet quite powerful. If you can understand that the Wall tool draws walls and the Pointer tool can edit/manipulate anything at any time, you already understand 90% of how RapidSketch works!

Whether you are evaluating a trial of our software or have purchased it and are a frequent user, please give us a call or email if there is anything we can help you with.

Tech Support – Sometimes computers do things that make us unhappy. We develop solid, reliable software that does not crash all the time or require that you hit a “refresh” button constantly. We want RapidSketch to work well on your computer and integrate seamlessly with the other programs you use on a daily basis.

What makes RapidSketch better than the competition?

Value, Reliability, and it’s Easy to use.

We offer an unbeatable value not offered by any of our competition. RapidSketch comes at a great price that includes things the other guys want to charge you for: regular software updates, tech support, and training.

Also worth noting, when you download a trial of our program it is Fully Functional; not crippled and lacking many important features and functionality. RapidSketch is also better because it’s easy to use and can be customized to fit the way you work. No other program offers keyboard drawing and fully adjustable mouse drawing like RapidSketch, not to mention the freedom of drawing walls in any order or working on multiple areas at once.

How do I take advantage of your training and support?

Call: 888.884.5268 between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Mon – Fri, EST and we’ll gladly help you with any problem you come across. With your permission, we can even view/control your desktop from here with “support desk” software if you really get into a jam.

Email: support@utilant.com
* We also have online training videos and a Help Guide available under the Help menu.

Who uses RapidSketch?

All kinds of people! Although RapidSketch was originally designed for Insurance Inspection, we now have thousands of professionals using our product in industries such as Real Estate Appraisal, Home Inspection, Pest Control, Mold remediation, Roofing, Flooring, and More!

Want to Test Out RapidSketch?